KIT BDK3 – Dog Assembly Wear Parts For ID & QA Ballistic Doors

*Kit Completes One Dog. *Must Specify Right Hand or Left Hand Dog.

ItemDescriptionPart NumberKit Quanity
Packing PlungerA – Packing Plunger – Phosphorus Bronze – 2″ L163-171
Bearing WasherB – Bearing Washer – Naval Brass 163-71
Split BushingC – Split Bushing – Naval Brass – Specify OD and Length163-61
Bearing PlateD – Bearing Plate – Naval Brass163-82
Bearing Plate ScrewsE – Bearing Plate Screws – 1/4″163-101
Left Hand WedgeF – Left Hand Wedge – 6-3/4″ L – Naval Brass163-12 1
Right Hand WedgeF – Right Hand Wedge – 6-3/4″ L – Naval Brass163-131
Wedge ScrewsG – Wedge Screws – 1/2″163-142
Set ScrewH – Set Screw – 1/2″163-111
Individual Dog SpindleIndividual Dog Spindle – Steel – Specify OD & L of Bearing Surface*163-5MISC.
Individual Angle DogsIndividual Angle Dogs – Right Hand – Steel*163-2MISC.
Individual Angle DogsIndividual Angle Dogs – Left Hand – Steel*163-3MISC.
Individual Straight DogsIndividual Straight Dogs – Steel*163-1MISC.
QA SpindleQA Spindle – Specify OD and Length*161-9MISC.
QA Left Angle DogQA Left Angle Dog – Right Hand Door*161-4MISC.
QA Right Angle DogQA Right Angle Dog – Left Hand Door*161-5MISC.
QA Handle Catch AssemblyQA Handle Catch Assembly – 161-32/33/34161-HCAMISC.

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