KIT SK3 – Dogging Wear Parts for Raised or Flush Scuttles

*Provides Dogging Wear Parts for Raised or Flush, 18” or 21” Scuttle. *For 4-Dog, 25″ Scuttle, Order Kit # SK4.

ItemDescriptionPart Number18″, 21″ Kits25″ Kit
4-Dog Spider4-Dog Spider – Manganese Bronze 3055-471
3-Dog Spider3-Dog Spider – Manganese Bronze3055-81
Dog Adjusting BoltDog Adjusting Bolt – Stainless Steel3055-1534
Dog Rest SpringDog Rest Spring – Phosphorus Bronze3055-1234
Dog Rest PlateDog Rest Slide Plate – Phosphorus Bronze3055-1368
Clevis PinClevis Pin – Stainless Steel3055-1434
Cotter PinCotter Pin – Stainless Steel3056-3034

Miscellaneous Dogging Parts

DescriptionPart Number
Dog Arm for 18″ Scuttle3055-9
Dog Arm for 21″ Scuttle3055-44
Dog Arm for 25″ Scuttle944-2
Upper Handwheel, 10″ – For 18″ and 21″ Scuttle944-26
Lower Handwheel, 10″ – For 18″ and 21″ Scuttle944-27
Upper Handwheel, 13″ – For 25″ Scuttle944-7
Lower Handwheel, 13″ – For 25″ Scuttle944-8
Dog Cam for Flush or Raised Scuttles- Steel/Aluminum3055-10

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